Friday, January 16, 2009

South Side Ballers 2008

01.Va - Baller's Intro
02.Mr. Capone E - Ballin
03.Mr. Criminal - I Want It All
04.Stomper & J. Hind - I Get The Money
05.Og Conejo - Time Is Money
06.Scrappy Loco - Pushing
07.Trigger Man - I'm Baller
08.Ese Lysto And Enemy - Respect Me
09.Mr. Criminal - Ballers Life
10.Blazer - Pop It In The Trunk
11.Espantos - Broke Ballin
12.Mr. Criminal & Mr. Silent - Big Bank Takes Lil Bank
13.Mr. Silent And Mr. Capone E - Skies The Limit
14.Iceberg And Trigger Man - Ballin Till I Fall
15.Mr. Capone E - G Paradise
16.Va - Ballers Outro

Mr. Capone-e Dedicated 2 the Oldies

1. Introduction
2. Look Over Your Shoulder
3. Take a Chance - (with Brenton Wood)
4. Angel Baby 2003 - (with Rosie & The Originals)
5. What Are You Bumpin
6. Can't Be Stopped
7. Hi Power Gangster - (with Hi Power Soldiers)
8. Wanna Be Freaked
9. Life We Live, The
10. Southside Radio
11. Gangster Lovin'
12. I Ain't the One
13. Never Be the Same Again
14. You're the One For Me
15. Last Words

Mr.Capone-e Love Jams

01. Love Jams
02. You Need A Thug In Your Life (Feat. Layzie Bone & John Izzy)
03. Addicted 2 You (Feat. Angie B)
04. Only Girl
05. Still Missing You
06. You Are My Lady
07. You Know I Love You
08. You Are The One For Me
09. Let Me Luv You Girl
10. Play Girl
11. Just A Player (Feat. Zapp)
12. So Beautiful (Feat. Zapp)
13. My Angel (Feat. MC Magic)
14. Mamacita
15. Gangsters Need Love Too
16. Outro: Love Jams

Ice Cubes Greatest Hits

1.Pushin' Weight - (featuring Mr. Short Khop)

2.Check Yo Self - (remix, featuring Das EFX)

3.We Be Clubbin'

4.$100 Dollar Bill Ya'll

5.Once Upon A Time In The Projects

6.Bow Down - (with Westside Connection)

7.Hello - (featuring Dr. Dre/M.C. Ren)

8.You Can Do It - (featuring Mack 10/Ms. Toi)

9.You Know How We Do It

10.It Was A Good Day

11.Bop Gun (One Nation) - (Radio Edit, featuring George Clinton)

12.What Can I Do? - (remix)

13.My Summer Vacation

14.Steady Mobbin'

15.Jackin' For Beats

16.N**** Ya Love To Hate, The

17.In The Late Night Hour - (featuring Pusha T)

Gangster Love V.4

2.My Gangster Girl - Malow Mac
3.So Beautiful - Lil Menace
4.I Need a Ryder Girl - Mr. Criminal
5.Love So Hood - Blazer
6.Krayzie Love - Big Lokote
7.Love Confession - Miss Lady Pinks
8.Gangster Love - Mr. Criminal
9.Dedicated to My Ladies - Malow Mac
10.I Wanna Let You Know - Lil G
11.Just a Question - Grumpy/Miss Lady Pinks
12.Luv Them Girls - Lil Menace
13.I'll Always Be There - Lil Sic
14.You're My Diamond - Grumpy
15.Sexy Mamacita - Ese Villen/Lysto
16.Outro - Lil MEnace

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