Friday, January 16, 2009

Gangster Love V.4

2.My Gangster Girl - Malow Mac
3.So Beautiful - Lil Menace
4.I Need a Ryder Girl - Mr. Criminal
5.Love So Hood - Blazer
6.Krayzie Love - Big Lokote
7.Love Confession - Miss Lady Pinks
8.Gangster Love - Mr. Criminal
9.Dedicated to My Ladies - Malow Mac
10.I Wanna Let You Know - Lil G
11.Just a Question - Grumpy/Miss Lady Pinks
12.Luv Them Girls - Lil Menace
13.I'll Always Be There - Lil Sic
14.You're My Diamond - Grumpy
15.Sexy Mamacita - Ese Villen/Lysto
16.Outro - Lil MEnace

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